Mom's Best Cheeseburger Soup

Updated: Mar 2

You know how there is a soup season? You start having some cool nights and leaves start to turn and your mind turns to nice warming comfort food like a big bowl of soup. Well here is a soup recipe that, get this, I love to eat year round. No relegating this soup to a season. This is a year round meal in our house.

It's simple, and uses a lot of ingredients that I always have on hand, which is always a win. As a general rule, I try to keep a supply of common ingredients that we like on hand, and then stick with recipes that use combinations of those ingredients. Too many unique or one off ingredients are a no go at this house.

Anyway, what you are waiting for--the recipe!

Download the recipe card here.

Hope you and your family enjoy this meal as much as we do! Healthy, filling, and delicious! Enjoy!

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