Our Story

Hey there! We are Point Pleasant Meats, and it is so great to meet you! We are multi-generational family farm in the heart of the Bluegrass State. We raise soybeans, tobacco, cattle and sheep. We come from a long line of American Farmers and tradesmen, starting with John Evans  around 1660. We are proud to carry on the family tradition of caring for the land, working hard and responsibly, and now, provide you the best quality meat to feed your family. We are passionate about improving the quality of our land and the animals that live there. We love to share our story and teach about the wide diversity of crops and livestock in agriculture. 

Farmers Illustration

The Evans Family


We are John and Rachel Evans, and along with John's parents, Johnny and Dianne Evans, we are Point Pleasant Meats! Johnny and Dianne have been farming the family land since 1976, land that Johnny helped his father and great uncle and grandfather farm before him. We love this land, and work hard each day to take care of it for the generations that come after us.

John is a Professor of Ag Engineering at Purdue University. He always is working to make our operation more cost effective and efficient and keeping equipment and machinery in good shape. His ideas and hard work make us a better farm.

Rachel is an ag technologist and agronomist and works to make the best agronomic decisions for the row crop operation. She also helps manage pasture health and work towards improved pasture species diversity and reduce disease rates. She is the voice behind Point Pleasant Meats social media.

Johnny runs all aspects of the day to day operation, from planting and harvesting, spraying, feeding and checking cattle and keeping everything running smoothly. He can fix just about anything and knows all the best places to find a good deal on tractor parts.

Dianne manages all aspects of the sheep operation and keeps the lambs and ewes healthy and well cared for. She has a passion for regenerative agriculture and is always researching new methods to make our livestock operation more sustainable.