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Life is Best on the Farm. A March Farm Update...

We had a whirlwind of weekend fun and projects at the farm. Everything from checking cattle and sheep, cleaning up the old dairy, working on the scales, to planting fruit trees. I think we did it all!

John and I were so glad to get to head down to the farm after a few months stretch. (Yay for vaccinated parents!) We started off by checking the cows and the feeders. The Momma’s are due any day now, so Johnny has been taking some extra time at feeding to check everyone over and see who is close to calving. While Johnny was feeding, John checked the pastures and found one off by themselves with a brand-new baby! Just a few hours old! Cattle tend to go off by themselves to give birth and to get the calf up and on its feet. We try not to pressure them or make them upset, so John watched from a distance, made sure everything was okay and then left them alone. Here he was a few days later, such a sweet, curious little one!

We had a broad list of things to tackle this weekend. We worked on getting the scales on a more secure platform, we plumbed in some electrical for some of our meat freezers, and planted a few fruit trees. One of our bigger tasks was to do some cleaning in what used to be the dairy to turn it into our meat storage and packing center. It had been storage for quite a few years now, so we hauled out some of the things we didn’t need any more, sorted and swept and got the last of the freezers into their new home. Just in time too….

Because we picked up our first round of lamb from the processor! Dianne and I took a road trip about an hour and a half away to pick them up, and it was so satisfying to see some of our plans start coming to fruition! We got it all inventoried and stashed away in the newly organized meat’s room.

Speaking of lamb, the sheep are on the brink of lambing. Some of them are looking pretty wide, and Dianne thinks it could be sometime next week. It’s always such a fun time of the year when we have a whole bunch of new life running around the farm.

We always say that our time at the farm is such a whirlwind. It seems like we no more get there before it’s time to head back to our day jobs. We are so pleased though to be able to start heading down to the farm more routinely now that it can be done safely. What a relief and joy for all of us.

What’s next on the farm? Our first round of beef will be back from the processor this week. I will get that inventory up on the website and have our first round of boxes of meat ready for sale yet this month! Because we have a limited round of both beef and lamb, our newsletter subscribers will get the first crack at it, so be sure to get on the list for the announcement when sales go live! You can sign up for our newsletter here. We will be shipping to the lower 48 and have local pick up/delivery options in West Lafayette, IN and Lexington/Winchester, KY. We are just so excited to finally have our farm raised products ready to head out the door and to your kitchens. Thank you for following along our journey and supporting us along the way!

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